I wrote the blog post below during my second month of Amazon Merch but never had the chance to publish it till now. Some of the things are a bit outdated but I am more than happy to answer any questions in the comments section

The Journey

November 3

Don’t really know what happened between end of Oct till 3rd of Nov but my emails don’t show any uploads till then. I kept uploading daily from the 3rd though.

November 7

Still rotating shirt designs. Sigh, perils of being stuck in T10.

November 12

It seems like what I learnt last month did not hold true. Our designs are not selling like I thought it would. Started to include pinterest and reddit “funny” subs as resources.

November 14

Approved for long tees! From reading other people’s experiences however, it doesn’t seem very good. We have far too few slots to be uploading long sleeves right now. Got a little bit desperate as well and sent an email to amazon asking when we would get tiered up. Got a generic response haha.

November 19

I think the new resources have played a bit of a role, sales have improved a little bit. So there’s more to it than meets the eye. started using buzzsumo and a few other tools to do research as well (can’t reveal everything right).

November 21

TIERED UP!! Oh boy!!!

November 22

Okay, now that we got more slots, we are deciding to do shirts you buy in a “series”, e.g. for the whole family, since thanks giving is just around the corner.

November 24/25

Black Friday. People on forums reporting nice sales numbers, ours were just the ordinary (3 sales). Since we are in Australia, it was technically the 25th for us.

November 25

Finished uploading the series shirt. Have seen minor successes in our new designs but not enough to conclude significance. Started to try a new strategy, this is I believe a turning point in our raising sales numbers, I will go into a bit more detail in the commentary below, but to summarise, it is simply checking the number of shirts in the niche vs trends you find using your resources.

November 26

Uploaded two new designs, one sold on the same day.

November 27/28

Cyber Monday. I woke up with my eyes wide open, we had 4 sales while I was sleeping. We ended the day with 13 sales, was absolutely insane. Though 2 designs took most of the reign, we still couldn’t believe it!

November 30

Just kept uploading really. Most of our shirts that we have uploaded since Cyber Monday have made a sale, which has been amazing.

Here is an overlook of how performance over the month:


There was a lot of testing throughout the month, finding new resources to gauge trends etc. and as such, it was quite stale. My partner and I always talk about tiering up and every time we feel that a tier up is imminent but don’t end up getting tiered up, we jokingly say we still did – we teared up. So, you could imagine how excited we were when we saw a post on reddit regarding the tier wave, and subsequently logging into our accounts and seeing that we actually tiered up, we pretty much teared up too. In all seriousness, one of the biggest findings for me is confirming niche demand, that is, seeing an interesting idea on one of your resources (I have given a few example already in my post above) and then checking for its competition in amazon. Let’s say I see something regarding triathlons on pinterest, I would then search for all triathlon related keywords in amazon to see what I can find, if I don’t find much and other resources tell me there’s a trend/demand, I would create a shirt related to my resource. That’s it in a nutshell, you have to find a arsenal of resources, different channels etc. and that takes a bloody long time.

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