MBA Auto Rejection Words

MBA can be tricky to navigate if you’re a new or existing user to it, as there are quite a few things that are against Amazon’s Policy. One such rule are usages of words that are objectionable/offensive content that can trigger an auto rejection upon uploading. This has become more apparent since the content policy change in section 2.9. Essentially, these are everyday words that seem harmless to us, but are considered ‘adult’ or ‘sensitive’ content; inappropriate for youth tees and hence resulting in auto rejections.

Credits to henry_NEWOLD (Reddit) for the community youth list below, Have you guys found any other words that have resulted in a rejection? Let us know in the comments below 👇 or our message function to the right 👉 to let us know what to add to this list!

Words to Avoid for ALL Sizes​:

  • size
  • quality
  • shipping
  • loose fit
  • glitter (may trigger manual review)

Words to Avoid if uploading to YOUTH Sizes​:

  • alcohol
  • ammo
  • ammunition
  • assault
  • balls
  • beer
  • bleed
  • booze
  • breast
  • breastfeeding
  • butt
  • cigar
  • combat
  • dope
  • drink
  • drinking
  • drinking squad
  • guns and gun
  • hippie
  • hippy
  • horror
  • blood
  • hunt
  • hunter
  • joint
  • killing it
  • LGBT, LGBTQ, lesbian, gay and Gay Pride
  • lifeguard
  • lover
  • naked
  • pipe
  • political (some political designs have been removed in youth)
  • pregnancy
  • pub
  • rifle
  • sex
  • sexy
  • shoot
  • shooter
  • shooting
  • smoke
  • smoker
  • smoking
  • Trump – (Hit or miss with these. Probably a combination of other words)
  • wine
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    “Lifeguard” is a trigger word due to the Lifeguard brand. Instant rejection.

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