Brand Scout Fix

The issue with brand scout and what we tried to fix.

The reason that we took down brand scout for maintenance was because there were instances where you could see more unique sellers than live designs. This does not make much sense, but after a week of testing and checking we had come to realisations as to why it happened.

Reason 1:

There were 2 main reasons this happened, one is that people tried to do copyrighted designs (there is A LOT of this), which amazon has swiftly picked up and subsequently deleted. As our tool did not “actively” delete designs from our database, we kept them on record because we have seen cases before where Amazon has decided to “hide” designs from the search. As a result, when our tool checks how many live designs it can find every 24 hours, it finds hardly anything, thus seeing the result we have.

Reason 2:

People were changing brand names, like, really frequently. Maybe they are trying to optimise keywords, I don’t know, which results in the same issue as above.

The fix

We have “hidden” shirts that cannot be found for sale on Amazon after 48 hours, solving the ongoing issue of reason 1 and 2. But these shirts can still be found using product search unless we detect that Amazon has removed the listing entirely, in this case we will remove the shirt from our database.

So in summary, you will still see “inconsistencies” when you sort by selling/live ratios, we will be implementing a minimum unique seller filter to make this tool more useful in the next week or so as well.

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