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Avocado in a Pond is an online research tool for Merch By Amazon that helps you find new and avocado-like niches much more easily!
What We Do
We've created a research tool with incredible customizability that allows you to streamline your market research on Merch by Amazon, making it very easy to explore unknown niches, new ideas and profitable markets.
How We Do It?
Our database of Amazon products is built on extensive analytical data processes. We carefully evaluate the distribution of sales information across the cohort of products, measured against factors such as sale frequencies, selling speeds, and more.
What It Means For You
Using a huge array of search options and filters, you can quickly narrow down niches and product ideas in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make more efficient business and creative decisions.

Short Story About Our Company

Entry into POD
Chris and Ming stumbled upon Merch by Amazon by chance when browsing the internet. Having worked with fashion and streetwear start-ups in the past, they were quite intrigued by the concept of POD shirt designs. They quickly started and soon ran into the problem of finding new selling design ideas.
Niche Research
Working as an engineer, Ming knew the importance of big data. He started creating a database of niches in Excel, applying his own knowledge of how various factors, and to what degree, each influenced search results from Google and Amazon.
A New Problem
The niche research was proving beneficial in identifying trends and commonalities, which translated into better sales. However, Ming found it quite tiring having to do this manually on a regular basis. That was when the idea of creating a larger-scale database to quickly analyze the data came to him.
New Perspectives
Realizing that this would not be an easy task, Ming brought in Henry, a friend with an affinity for statistics. Henry got to work looking at all the variables available and began developing his own equations to quantitatively measure the quality and profitability of individual designs.
Generating a Database
With Henry heading the front for numbers and statistics, Ming began working on generating a database to satisfy their demand and curiosity for results. After many moons, cups of coffee, and an avocado here and there, they were finally able to develop a functioning database which could be updated on a daily basis.
Alpha Release
With the help of fellow food blogger and dog lover, Chloe, the team reached out to certain individuals to trial and test the database prior to its initial release.

Meet the Team

Chloe can't decide whether she should talk about food or dogs. So we included both. She loves her dog and she also loves avocado on toast with haloumi after Pilates on a Saturday.
Web Developer
Ming is an engineer by day and couch potato by night. He may be a little eccentric at times but that doesn't stop him from being a great all-round guy who loves to help his local community and the people around him.
As a designer, Chris always rejected the notion of "never judging a book by its cover". He is obsessed with aesthetics. Don't tell him this, but we almost lost it waiting for him to find the 'right' shade of blue for this website.
Datasets are like Henry's sandpits - the bigger they are, the more fun he will have. Making numbers and formulas line up and be 'just right' is just so satisfying to him. That doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy the simpler things in life - like food, music, film, and art.

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