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Advanced Merch Research for Merch by Amazon

Powerful Search
Search all 18M+ Merch by Amazon shirts in an instant with the powerful search engine. Sort by best seller rank (BSR), accurate monthly sales, first sale dates, regions and more!
Unexplored Niches
Be the first to discover new profitable niches by browsing top new selling products and brands. Additionally, our Niche Finder tool will show you the 500 niches for that day so you know what niche is fresh and in season!
High Performance
The tool is limited to a small fixed number of users. A large user base will drive saturation towards good niches. By limiting our tool, we can ensure that our users will always be the first to discover new niches.

Niche Finder

Don't know how to start researching and new to the Merch by Amazon scene? Don't worry. Our Niche Finder gives you a 500 curated niche list everyday, unique for each member. Simply browse through the list and check each niche for competition in Amazon and off you go!

• 500 niches everyday based on our selection algorithm;
• Niches are unique for each member and changes daily;
• Selection algorithm continually refined based on our data.


Product Search

Quickly search through our Merch by Amazon database and discover trending designs. In just one click, you will get detailed data on all the hottest designs in the market. Use filters to refine further, to focus on best seller rank over time, estimated first sale date, and more. Uncover untapped niche ideas before your competition.

• Locate the hottest and most profitable designs;
• Pull detailed, accurate historical analysis of every design;
• Filter by best sellers rank, monthly sales, date uploaded and more;
• Access freshly updated data every day.


Brand Scout

Reveal the products and designs that popular brands are selling. Browse through top brands to see their most popular designs or search through brands by any keyword(s).

• See designs that top brands are creating;
• Get inspired with new niche ideas;
• Be amongst the first to access upcoming niches.


Smart Keywords

Cure the headache of writing bullet points by utilizing our tag generator tool. All you have to do is type in a keyword and it will automatically generate valuable niche-related tags in seconds!

• Curate your keywords easily and quickly;
• Increase visibility using Amazon’s own auto-complete suggestions in your bullet points;
• Quickly copy results to your clipboard for easy implementation.


The Growing Niche Problem

We limit our tool to guarantee you outperform the rest. Accepting a large user base will see a flood to saturation towards otherwise valuable niches. Limiting the amount of users will eliminate the situation where thousands of users converge towards the same niche. That is why we will cap the number of active subscriptions we have to only 100. We aim to fine tune our tool to ensure Avocado in a Pond always outperforms any available research tool out there.

How Avocado in a Pond Gives You the Edge on Merch by Amazon

Having Avocado in a Pond’s access to the Merch By Amazon catalog means that you will be ahead of your competition. While your competition are reading outdated lists and searching inaccurate BSR and sales data, you’ll have immediate access to what’s actually selling now, and what the major boutique brands and influencers are focusing on. Stay informed on the niches with the most sales potential and familiarise yourself with new design ideas, all with one simple tool.

How Avocado in a Pond Works

A user can find shirt ideas in the niche finder tool. Once they have the ideas, they will test them in the product search by evaluating how well that idea is performing. If there are a lot of sales and not a lot of competition then perhaps the niche, and niches surrounding this area is a good gap in the market! You would make your designs and use our smart keywords tool to generate the important keywords to put in your listing!



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  • Free 500 Exclusive Niches Daily
  • 1 on 1 Merch Advice from us
100% Secure
Your information and data is never shared with anyone, for any reason, ever.
Continued Development
We continue to further optimise our search and algorithms in the shadows while always looking to add more features based on your feedback!
Great Customer Service
If you ever have any questions or concerns, or just want to say hello, feel free to get in touch!
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